How to make money organizing parties?

There are numerous ways of making money out there. You could import things from China, cut your neighbor’s grass, or even have a lemonade stand. But have you ever wondered how to make money in a fun way? 

In this article, we will investigate how to make money organizing parties.

Spoiler alert, it can be entertaining. Another spoiler alert, we base this article on our experience. We will provide you with all the tips we can. However, you will have to put in the effort. Once you understand that, you can follow along. 

Let’s go!

Find a concept

Riches is in the niches” – is a famous marketing concept. You should follow it with care if you want to make money organizing parties.

You need to think of an innovative concept if you want to organize your own events. This can be a new type of party. A genre that is not often played or a location that sounds better.

The goal is to convince people to make parties in a better environment than where they actually do. Again, it can be a new place, a new type of music, or something people have never seen.

“But isn’t that risky?”

Yes, and this is why we will help you reduce the risks. A bit in this article, a lot if you follow along with the other articles on this website.

You need to create a concept that will attract the most courageous people. Or the ones who are bored with their routine. To do so, you need to find an idea that talks to them. But by definition, this concept would obviously be niched.

Do you know what type of concept to exploit? That is easy. You just need to analyze a bit.

The music you hear is always the same? Make something a layer deeper. From EDM to house or techno.

Is the queue always too long to enter? Make the same type of music in a smaller and easier-to-access place.

Do you need a dress code to enter? Make a party where you can come the way you want.

Find a concept of party

Check with your friends (and get help)

Have you ever wondered how to make money organizing parties? You’re at the right place. Because organizing your parties is fun. 

It is not fun like a video game where you finish a quest. It is fun as you can meet the love of your life. That is fun because the prettiest girls/boys can come to you and ask you if you are responsible. And then you can joke with them.

This is fun when people look at you and wish they could do the same.

It is fun as you become popular. You get attention and start create a network. The next day, considerably more people want to talk to you. (To whom you can sell some Lesk).

But you can not really do it alone. 

Hence, you need your friends implied for three reasons: A bit of help, spreading the word, and a bit of feedback.

A bit of help first.

There are a lot of things that should be done. From the marketing to handling the cash, the artists and the beverages. 

A lot of small tasks that we develop in other articles

All of that is to say that if you are forming a good team, you can handle it easily. But if you are alone, this might get harder.

Asking your friends is then a good thing to do. Mostly if you can be his/her wing(wo)man when the prettiest person might come to speak to you. Who knows, maybe some other want to make money organizing parties.

Spreading the word

People trust people

So the more people advertise, the more you can attract others. It is a kind of a network effect, not purely but still.

If you work with more people on this subject, you might be able to spread the word smoothly. Hence, having a squad with you is an advantage.

More importantly, you might forge great memories doing that with them.

So find some buddies that would be up for doing things with you. 

A bit of feedback

You might have a concept. It might be something crazy in your head.

You might have planned it out, reflected on it. You think it can be the best thing happening in a lifetime.

But if it doesn’t speak to anyone, you won’t attract nobody.

Well, that’s why friends are handy here. The more people you’ll expose your concept to, the more feedback you’ll have. Sometimes, you can spot that something is missing in terms of events. You can find a hole in the market. 

Some other times, an initiative can be a big flop as they start with assumptions. Getting feedback from friends is the first thing to do when we start.

Friends help for parties

Partner up with local venues

This is the most important concept as it will help you organize something for a few bucks (or even free). 

The business model I will talk about is the best if you don’t have a lot of money. It’s also the best if you hate responsibilities in life.

I mean you’ll still have some but you get me.

Ok, let’s focus.

The old business model

The idea of organizing an event is to find a place and rent it. Then you also rent all the music equipment. Then you pay the DJs. After that, you pay the people who will serve alcohol. You will need to buy alcohol. Then you pay someone at the entrance to take the jackets. Oh and did you think about  security? Blablabla

There seem to be a lot of things to do. You might not be a master at that. Like employing people as a bartender? Or ordering enough alcohol for the event? 

It’s really hard spending time on those. But you’re smart, you don’t need to do that, isn’t it?

Is that the image you had for how to make money organizing parties?

The new business model

Luckily, other people have done the work for you. Who are those other people? Bar or restaurant owners. Not all of them, those who have less business than others. Those who have a hard time advertising. Those who invested in a sound system already. 

Your goal will be to find them and ask if they are up for a partnership. You come with DJs. You advertise on social media and take a fee at the entrance.

In exchange, they make their profit on the alcohol sales and you can share the money at the entrance.

That way you won’t need to care (a lot) about security, alcohol, etc. Either way, they would open that night, isn’t it? So a little party wouldn’t hurt nobody.

Hence, you can eventually call some friends of yours who would love to DJ. If profit, you can negotiate to split it after depending on your profit.

And here it is.

This is how to make money organizing parties.

You have your events without needing to have a big budget to rent everything. 

This worked for us. We found a restaurant that opened under the condition to have at least 150 people. We didn’t spend one dollar on any organizational stuff. And we made 6 parties like that.  

Partner with venus to organize free parties

Contact local DJs

As a DJ myself, I have to admit that being able to play is a social experience.

If none of your friends ask you if you’re up for playing, you have few chances to do so. Even if you like to mix.

Even if there are strategies to find places where to mix, the ratio of DJ available vs opportunities is pretty weak. 

Hence, contacting your local DJs (or friends) can be an opportunity for them to just play somewhere else than alone in their room. Hence they might be happy when you’ll ask them to play if they are not superstars yet. 

That’s why you should definitely contact some local DJs to ask them about the opportunity you have.

Some of them will be dicks and will refuse, but others will be more than happy to help.

And how much should you pay them then?

When it comes to money, there are different schools. 

If your intention is to make more and better parties, you could negotiate to not pay people. If you’re a DJ reading it doesn’t get angry and let me explain. As I said I’m a DJ myself and for the good cause it’s ok to play for free.

But don’t fool people. If you keep the money for yourself, they’ll feel you’re a traitor and they’ll get mad at you. Your reputation will be tarnished and you’ll win nothing.

Another thing you can do is to pay a percentage of the profit. If you’re transparent with them and you’re only starting, they’ll understand. Negotiating is a way to respect the DJ’s time more than paying a great fee.

You should use this approach when you start and are not sure about your profitability.

However, if you’re making a lot of money, pay people accordingly. You’ll have a better reputation as well as better hopes for your future. 

Someone paid respectively will help spread the word about your party and business. While someone paid poorly won’t.

Contact local DJs

Respect the theme of the party

By the way, if you’re not paying the DJs, you should expect them to play the music they like, not the one you like.

Be careful when selecting them. As it might not fit with your concept or the vibes you want.

This is something you need to have in mind while organizing everything. You’re at risk to have arguments or problems. 

If you pay them, however, you pay for a service and technically they’re supposed to play what you want.

Advertise on Facebook and social media

One way to reduce costs is to advertise on social media.

Facebook is, from what I know, the best place to advertise something and we’ll see why.

Organize parties with social media

First, let’s focus and what’s free: Facebook groups.

On Facebook groups, you can publish a lot of information. The more groups you publish on, the more chances you have to spread the word. Yes, a lot of groups are dead. Yes, Facebook is a platform for boomers. But it’s still something where information transit. 

A lot of people discover things on Facebook, still. If they do not discover them, someone talks about it. And more importantly, it’s free!

Second, Facebook events

The same, FB events are basically free advertisements for your parties. You need to make one, invite your friends and ask your friends to invite their friends. 

The goal is just to send the information without sending one-by-one messages to people.

We’ll talk more about the way you can spread the word in other articles. 

Third, Instagram and Facebook events

Instagram and Facebook advertisements are a great way to spread the word about your party. 

Why? Cause for a few bucks (that you can easily get back) you will be able to be on the screen of thousands of people. 

Of course, you’ll have the be original and make it sort people can understand what you’re offering. But still, you can reach people who have an interest in your party, directly.

We could easily add TikTok for this but the only problem is that I am not so familiar with TikTok right now. So I think I would need to test before giving you a whole analysis.

Be serious and run a great event

Be serious when organizing events

The last thing you should do is to be serious are your event. Be respectful to the owner, and meet with him/her/them. Ask them how they want to do things, and make them feel you’re there for them. Don’t forget that if it’s going good, you’ll be able to make more parties. Hence, more frequently you’ll be able to make money organizing parties.

On your side, prepare everything with your crew. The sound system, what type of material people will have with them. Know in advance the cables you need.

Know also the decoration and the mood you want to have. The last day shouldn’t be the day you go and buy everything. It should be the day for emergencies.

On the D day, come earlier, bring food for everyone, and eventually drinks.

The night will not be a night for you where you can have fun. It will be a night where your vision will be accomplished and where you’ll get the money.

This money will serve to make bigger events or to make the DJ, you, your friends, and the owner richer. 

In any case, you’ll have to handle the cash for the entrance. Be ready to have everything official, don’t fraud the taxes. Be ready to produce receipts if needed. Get enough cash to give back for the change. 

Oh yeah, we did not speak about the pricing? It will be another subject. 

What I want to emphasize is that, be the person who is doing the boring tasks. It’s what is expected from the organizer.

I hope you liked this article. Do not hesitate to read more about this subject on our blog. If you have any questions, you can contact us by email, on Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok. 

Thanks for reading.

Bisous et à bientôt!